Queen Victoria visited the World’s Fair in London in 1851 and was so entranced by the stereoscopes on display that she precipitated an enthusiasm for three-dimensional photography that soon made it a popular form of entertainment world-wide.

3D or “Stereoscopic” photographs were popular from the 1850s the Great War and the deployed troops often sent them home as they offered a unique experience for families.

To see these images in 3D, we have changed the original image to an “anaglyph” red / blue image. Download the document below, follow the instructions and make your own 3D glasses.

Click HERE to Download and print your 3D Glasses (PDF)

Having consolidated the surrounding ridges against attack, the Anzacs land supplies near Gaba Tepe. Realistic Travels Stereograph 103.
Original Stereograph Circa. 1915
The 4th Regiment of New South Wales Imperial Bushmen – Volley firing, near Mafeking, South Africa.
Original Stereograph 1901.
South Australian Infantry lined up for inspection by the General at Naauwpoort, South Africa.
Original Stereograph 1900.
South Australian Infantry shortly before they helped in the fight at Belmont, South Africa.
Original Stereograph 1900.